Business music and messaging

Business music and messaging refers both to the custom music streams that retailers and offices choose to shape their customers’ and employee’s moods, as well as the business-specific messages and music people hear while sitting on hold in a company’s voicemail queue.

Background music works for your business

Research has shown that there is an extra depth to music that can enable you to evoke the right mood to communicate a welcome and warm feeling for clients. Background music works by evoking emotions that are associate with the environment we are in. So ensuring the music collection you choose is designed for your business objective is key to making the music work for your business. What music works for your clients? You probably have a good idea of what works based on how you and your team feel, and how you can see your client’s are feeling. Knowing the age and background of the type of people you are your business services is important but that’s not all. Making sure you are in compliance with all copyright laws is just as important. The proprietor of the business in which the copyrighted music is performed is liable for any infringement of copyrighted music in his or her place of business.

Custom audio and on-hold messaging

Influence your client’s buying patterns through targeted on-hold phone messages and in-store audio advertising. The Grace Digital Business Music System helps deliver your ongoing dialogue with clients. Our technology enables you to reach your in-store customers as well as the those who want to speak with you on over the phone.