The Grace Digital Business Music System is an ideal platform to help set up your own music distribution service.  Our platform takes care of all the device activation, authentication, stream management, scheduling and even unpaid accounts.  Our GDI-IRBM20 radio supports both Dynamic (DHCP) and Static IP addressing.  The radio can easily be positioned inside a standard or secured network using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


The difference between broadcasting and narrowcasting. In broadcasting it does not matter which device your listeners use. In narrowcasting it makes all the difference! For this reason we built the GDI-IRBM20 radio for our Business Music System. Audio streams are received via http and this only requires port 80 to be open on the firewall. This is the same port you need for normal Internet browsing.  If your customers have access to Internet from a desktop, it is very likely that the GDI-IRBM20 can play your music.  The bandwidth it consumes depends on the bitrate of the stream. The GDI-IRBM20 only occupies downstream bandwidth. Normal streaming varies between  64kbps (kilo-bits-per-second) to 128kbps as this provides a good sound quality. Some customers even stream at 18kbps AAC+! So a normal 100 Mb network can serve almost 550 GDI-IRBM20 radios with a stream of 128kbps taking into account that you normally only use 70% of available capacity.


If your customers have a Proxy server in place the GDI-IRBM20 can be instructed to use it. You can use a special Internet gateway and separate the GDI-IRBM20 network traffic from other activity via VLAN patching.  The GDI-IRMB20 operates on a pull basis: it asks for new instructions by itself and only accepts a pre defined set of instructions.  It does not have a callable interface that would make it susceptible to virus or remote attacks.  The receiver decodes the audio stream into an analogue audio signal, that is output to a conventional audio system.