Mini-Bullets II Accessory

The Grace Digital Mini Bullets II Acc is an accessory speaker that adds on to your Mini Bullets II system for even more volume and surround sound. This single speakers is fun, stylish, and water-resistant, with a wireless range of up to 150 feet and a mood light to add ambience.

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This product has been discontinued.

Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II Acc

The Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II Accessory is an accessory speaker that can be added to your existing Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II sound system to increase volume, provide a stereo effect, or play music in another location.  Compact and stylish, this wireless speaker easily syncs with your existing Mini-Bullets setup to give you even more options to enjoy your favorite music.

Enjoy up to seven hours of music on a single charge with the Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II Acc speaker.  Featuring an eco-conscious design, the speaker actually powers down when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about wasting the battery.

Go Anywhere with Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II

The Grace Digital Mini-Bullets Accessory speaker perfect for the outdoors.  The weatherproof design is splash resistant, so you don’t need to be afraid to leave it out in the rain or keep it by the pool.  Easily transportable, you can use the Mini-Bullets to set up a custom surround sound stereo based on the situation.  If it’s a pool day, keep a few around the lounge chairs.  If it’s time to barbecue, throw one by the grill.  The more Grace Digital Mini-Bullet speakers you have, the more ways you can use them!

Sound Quality

Each Mini-Bullets II Acc features an auto-tune system with automatic level control to optimize your music output.  In addition, the speaker uses a double bass boost to provide full, rich sound across the audio spectrum.  So you’ll never miss a nuance when you listen to your favorite albums!  The highs are crystal clear, and the lows resonate through the air.  It’s hard to believe so much sound can come out of such a small package.

Connection Capabilities

With the Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II, you can create a network of up to 10 speakers.  Set up the ultimate, surround sound music experience in your backyard, on a trip, or at an event – you have endless options.  Each wireless speaker can be placed to 150 feet feet from the central transmitter.  In addition, each speaker has individual volume controls, so you can customize your sound by adjusting the volume directly at each speaker, or you can turn the entire system up or down by controlling the volume at the audio source.

Style and Functionality

The Grace Digital Mini-Bullets II Acc speakers are compact and cool, featuring a mood light to create ambience at night.  Easily synced to the Mini-Bullets II system and ultra-mobile to customize your stereo sound, they’re a great way to enjoy music anywhere without the fear of water or weather damage.