Schooners II Acc

Schooners II Acc

Add to your Grace Digital Schooners II system with the Grace Digital Schooners II Acc speaker, and unleash the music! This single speaker syncs with your system to add volume, surround sound, and style. Each water-resistant, weatherproof speaker emits incredible sound for hours on just 2 AA batteries.

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This product has been discontinued.

Grace Digital Schooners II Acc

The Grace Digital Schooners II Acc is an accessory speaker for your existing Schooners II system.  It easily syncs with your existing set, giving you even more volume, increased surround sound capabilities, and the ability to take your music even more places.

Add up to 10 Grace Digital Schooners II Acc speakers to create the outdoor stereo system of your dreams.  Add a few by the pool, a couple on the patio, one on the front porch, and another by the barbecue, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tunes not matter where you are around the house.  You can also use them to create your own, personal concert at the park, beach, or anywhere else your heart desires.

Grace Digital Schooners II Acc speakers are stylish, compact, and easily portable, connecting to the central music transmitter from up 150 feet away.  These battery powered, weather-resistant speakers last for up to seven hours on 2 AA batteries and can be left by the pool or out in the rain without a worry.

Sound Quality

Each Schooners II Acc speaker features a double bass boost and internal auto tune system to optimize your listening experience.  With each speaker, you’ll experience crystal clear highs, full lows, and a perfectly balanced listening experience across the audio spectrum.  And you’ll hardly believe how much volume comes from such a little package!


Go ahead!  Leave your Grace Digital Schooners II Acc speakers out in the rain!  Splash them from the pool!  It doesn’t matter.  These speakers are built for the outdoors, withstanding water damage and extreme weather so you can listen to your music worry-free.

Connection Capabilities

With the Grace Digital Schooners II system, you can sync up to 10 speakers for your listening enjoyment.  The central dock connects to any audio player, so you’ll be able to listen to your favorite albums, the big game, or relax with an audio book no matter where you are.

Schooner Style

Grace Digital Schooners II Acc speakers don’t just put out amazing sound, they look good while they’re doing it.  Featuring a mood light to add ambience to evening listening, each speaker has individual audio controls for added control.