Ordering FAQ's

What credit cards does Grace Digital accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and all major credit cards.

Is shopping at Grace Digital Audio safe?

YES! Shopping at Grace Digital Audio is very safe. Grace Digital Audio takes advantage of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt all transactions that require personal information. The industry standard for security, SSL scrambles all user data, including names, credit card numbers, and addresses, ensuring that it cannot be read as it travels over the internet. As you navigate through the Grace Digital site, you will be notified with pop-up messages or with the secure lock symbol any time information you are submitting will be sent via SSL. You can also check the security of your Internet session by looking at the bottom of your browser. If a “locked” padlock icon appears, you are on a secure page. If the padlock icon is “unlocked,” you are not on a secure page. We also use extra security features like a secure logout process that helps keep you safe on public computers.

What is my risk of using Credit Cards on this site?

Grace Digital is extremely careful in processing our customer’s online orders. Our talented staff looks at every order in great detail to ensure every bit of information is correct, accurate, and secure. Our customers can rest assured that we take every measure to keep their personal information secure.

If we find inconsistencies with any of our orders, we will contact the credit card company and the individual involved to rectify any inconsistencies.

Although you have probably heard stories about online scams, research shows that credit card holders are more likely to be victimized at restaurants or department stores than when shopping online. The vast majority of credit card abuse reported on the Internet involves fraudulent vendors and companies, not hackers.

Does Grace Digital offer a warranty or guarantee on its products?

Yes. Please visit the Grace Digital Warranty and Return Policies Page for further information.

When will I receive my Grace Digital order?

Please visit the Grace Digital Shipping Policies page for further information.

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